About Jari

Hi. My name’s Jari Moate. I’m a writer based in Bristol.

I live in a city with a great amount to inspire an author and brilliant people who always produce surprises. I’ve travelled a fair amount, am Anglo-Finnish and whilst far from orthodox, have failed as yet to come across a creed that beats the one in the gospels – challenging and invigorating and unachievable all at the same time. And that all adds flavour to what I make. If you’re looking for my work in built regeneration, and you’re not actually standing in a building I’ve had something to do with (!) then pop onto my profile on Linked-In and get in touch for that strand of what I do.

I’m also the founding Director of the annual Bristol Festival of Literature: Unputdownable and tweet as @BrisLitFest.

I strive for character-driven stories with big themes, black humour and pacy plots. Check the embedded links below to dig behind the references.

My first novel was Paradise Now published in 2010 to really great reviews (often said to be “compelling”!) although admittedly it’s always hard to get enough exposure for a new novel. I’m now at work on my second, aiming to have this done in 2012. Lash Vegas will be a powerful read with my current themes of redemption against the odds, set against the horrors of failure that we as people continually seem to repeat. I wrote This Brick in my Hand in response to the 2011 UK riots – which in Bristol broke out on my birthday and used bricks from one of my regen projects – for the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, producing it by hand in the nine days between the riot and the fair. It has been a solid performance piece on radio and at festivals. I’m going to work out how to hang some of this here as a pdf for you to download, and e-books and all that jazz but until then pop into a bookstore or Amazon.

Enjoy the Silent Radio Show – it’s an excuse to profile the authors I’m reading – and do get in touch by posting a comment or via the Festival website.

God bless the revolution!


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